Let's get physical!!!

There are some days when I really want to look more...athletic, even if I don't have to go to the gym. It' s when I have to go to the market and  don't have time to spend on choosing what to wear, or when I stay home and look nice...it's the perfect time to be sporty.
 I love the colors, so bright that can make a cloudy day,  shinny!!! Don' t you think?


Take those bellies out!!!

I always liked those girls who could show off their flat bellies by wearing short tops. Unfortunately I can't..But it's ok. However I can't overlook that new fashion trend that want 's to take out of the clothes that specific part of women's body.


Statement necklaces

Some of the new necklaces...
This will look great with jeans.

Want them all!!!
Which one would you prefer ?

Sexy Haircuts

 In times of economical crises, less is really more, even in hair cuts.
We leave behind the long, blond curls and welcome the  Κeira Knightley 's  bob  and Jessica Alba's punky bob. The new sexy hair cue is simple, short and dynamic. (Even Jennifer Aniston became a fun)


Size large...summer style

  Jeans Mango, T-shirt Zara,White cotton jacket Mango, leather flip flops bouhgt from the local market in Serifos. 


Wy Size large?

Well for my blog name, I thought to use something that describes me. I was XS before my two little daughters and I became L after.
I haven't manage loosing all the extra weight yet, but even though I haven't stopped searching for new fashion ideas. 

Starting the day with...

I love starting the day with a cup of greek coffee and two or maybe three or even six home made vanilia biscuits.


Sorry for my englishhhh

Because it' s been a very very long time since i wrote in english, please forgive me for the language and feel free to correct me.; )

Good start

Well... I discovered the wonderful world of blogs last few months that i had to stay at home due to my second pregnacy.
I really like craft blogs and fashion style blogs. I am not that sure what will i be posting from now on (crafts or fashion.. maybe both but I 'll try to be as punctual as i can.
Good start!!