Traveling fashion...

There is something special going on with the travelers all around the world. It doesn't matter where you go or why, as long as you travel with style, like the ladies above.



Fashion Recycle.

Blumarine Fall-Winter 1994

While I was surfing, I came up with these photos in Madame Figaro's greek site. 
It's no wonder that fashion, like everything else, recycles itself and returns fresh and new. 
Here are some of  most popular fashion trends that we follow this season.


Versace by H&M

Versace is about to get a little more budget-friendly! How great news or what?

The collection will be relaesed on November. My birthday month. Can't wait for my H&M gift!

New Galliano, jazz inspired!!!

 20's  Great come back.
As I was looking some posts on a site, I came up with this wonderful news. Galliano releases his new resort collection, which is said is inspired by the jazz singer Bessie Smith. 
I always loved the 20's style. So feminine and elegant. 
 I only wish I had such a small waist.... (dream on) 


My apologies.....

My deepest apologies for my long absence. I was, and still facing, health problems.
So my sweet eight followers ( and any one else who accidentally enters my blog) I just want to let you know that I'll return with many new posts as soon as I recover. Soooo.... I' ll be back!!! (That's a promise, not a threat.)